0 The Largest Hydro Power Plant of the Russian Far East

The Largest Hydro Power Plant of the Russian Far East

Posted on August 28, 2013 by team

The Amur region of Russia is suffering a heavy flooding now. Many houses have been evacuated. There are two hydro power plants functioning in the region – Bureya and Zeya ones. This photo report is about the first one.

Bureya hydro power plant is the largest in the Russian Far East and one of the ten most powerful hydro power plants in Russia.

Alien structure near the plant – snow protection of the waste treatment facilities.

The power of the Bureya hydro power plant is 2010 MW.

Wastewater outlet – water flows collide with each other and mutually extinguish their energy.

From the technical point of view this plant is one of the most modern ones in the country. Its concrete gravity dam is 140 meters high and it’s the highest dam of such type in Russia. For the building of the plant they used rolled concrete for the first time – it allowed to reduce the amount of cement but still make a reliable construction.

It’s wonderful in the evening.

The started to study the potential of the Bureya in the 1930s.

The construction of the plant started in 1976. In 1989 the funding of the project reduced considerably and it caused many social problems.


In 1999 the condition of the power system of the Russian Far East was pretty dreadful so the Bureya hydro power plant became the project of top priority.  The first unit of the plant was put into operation in 2003, the last – in 2007. In 2009 it was equipped with more water conduits and began operating at full capacity.

Sunlight obtains magic colors and paints the horizon line behind which the sun has just hidden.

Martian landscape.

Manual “cross piece” for transformers relocation. It is so simple!

The energy generated by power units №1 and 2 goes through aerial lines and subsequently comes to the open 220 kW switchgear. The energy of the remaining four power units comes to the 500KW GIS – reliable and firesafe one.

You don’t feel very confident when stand there.

The color of the equipment means the voltage class. This one is intended for voltage up to 1150 KW.


The small world of the plant is controlled from here.

Turbine hall.

Coming down to the spiral chamber.

One of the impellers.

Water conduits.

The water is thrown 160 meters away from the dam.

500 KW power cables through which power is supplied.

They built a 340 m tunnel and a 150 m shaft for the cables.


The dam of the plant forms a large Bureya reservoir with a comparatively small flood area.

The reservoir filling strated in 2003 and was completed in 2009.

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