0 Anti Submarine Camomile

Anti Submarine Camomile

Posted on August 27, 2013 by team

We know that shipboard weapons are used ashore sometimes. Artillery is the most widespread example. When WWII was over shipboard and coastal artillery was replaced by missiles. Thus in the end of the 50s the USSR built a marine rocket assisted bomb launcher to fight against submarines and missiles of an enemy. It was named RBU-6000 “Smerch-2” (“Tornado”) and represented a twelve-barrels system rotating in two planes with an automatic shell feeding. Since early 60s it was mounted on various ships including anti-submarine cruisers. At the same time they made two more systems in a coastal modification to protect submarines of the Northern Fleet. The area of Ara-Guba and Ura-Guba bays were strengthened by four units of coastal self-propelled rocket-assisted bomb launchers DP-62 “Damba”. “Smerch” and “Damba” had been standing guard there for many years until 1995 when the garrison was disbanded and the positions were left by people.

RBU-6000 system is intended for single and salvo firing with anti-submarine missiles and depth charge rockets RGB-60. The system is stationary, it can direct its weapons in two planes, the weapons are located radially. When the system fires all rockets it automatically switches to the charging mode.

In the coastal modification the launchers are located on the roof of the two-storey earthed concrete box. At the entrance is a hermetic door.

The upper storey where was the equipment of munition feeding, aiming and fire control. The place has been plundered and affected by the moist sea air.

Lauch panel is still here.


Remains of the aiming system.

Side rooms on the first floor.

The system lifting bombs from the ground floor.

The ground floor itself. Here bombs and a trolley for their transportation were placed. In case of a ship modification feeding is done with a crane.


Remains of depth charge rockets RGB-60.

The munition was fed from below.


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