1 Mountains of a Snow Leopard

Mountains of a Snow Leopard

Posted on August 25, 2013 by team


Sayan Canyon of the Yenisei river is the place full of slopes and steppe areas, it’s not easy to move there. The safest way leading there is by ship over the reservoir which takes two days. These slopes, not so hospitable for people, are a home for a snow leopard.

The ship of the reserve.

Bay in the canyon. Do you see three white spots on the picture? These are the roofs of the scientific field station.

Closer view of the station.

Female ibex.

Another one with a baby.

The skull and the backbone of the killed male six-year-old ibex eaten by wolves.  Wolves pick skulls fully while snow leopards leave a nose untouched. Abundance of ungulates is a necessary condition of snow leopards survival. Ibexes are their main food.

Camera trap.


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    Incredible beauty this place!

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