16 A Nice City

A Nice City

Posted on August 25, 2013 by team

This city has changed in a matter of several years. In fact no pictures, no videos, no words convey the atmosphere of Norilsk. One needs to be there to feel it. The picture becomes full only at the symbiosis of light, colors, landscape, people’s eyes and many other things…

Landing in Norilsk.

These are not clouds…

At the lake.

Here a lawn was planted by activists but it never grew.

“Caution! Wild lawn!”

Norilsk Drama Theater.

The building of the city court.



Resembles Pripyat, doesn’t it?

Wide pavements.


Streets look empty.


Rent of apartments – 500 dollars monthly, anyone?

The Norilsk Golgotha – the memorial of political repression victims located at the place of the former cemetery where Norilsk labor camp prisoners were buried in unnamed graves. There were Lithuanians, Russians, Estonians, Poles, Jews among them. At that cemetery since 1935 to 1956 there were buried many thousands of killed, starved to death people and those who could not stand unbearable labour conditions. In general the Norillag labor camp had over 500 thousand of political prisoners who built the city Norilsk and the Norisk plant.

Monument to the Poles.

The first stone the city began from.

That fog is the product of non-ferrous metals.

View of the city.

Location: Norilsk

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16 Responses to “A Nice City”

  1. tree says:

    page 9 says it is an ex-labour camp.

  2. Her Koch says:

    This reminds me of Wales.

  3. Ed Lee says:

    What a terribly sad looking place. It must be very depressing to live in such a bleak city. No color, no blue sky, no trees, flowers, birds, it is like the land of the living dead.

  4. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Just awful. Poor people. Makes me glad I live in California, not far from the clean air of the beach and the Pacific.

    • George Johnson says:

      Yeah, and communist to boot too! Hahahahahahahaha!
      Just you wait, the whole state is crumbling, and the rest of the country is NOT going to bail your butts out! So yeah, enjoy it while you can.

    • Hoborg says:

      Thanks for your generous offer: I do believe these human beings deserve better life: lets ground this city and its citizens move to california, so they can enjoy clean air of the beach and the Pacific!

    • el guapo says:

      Many people here own flats or homes in other cities like St. Petersburg, so the jobs probably pay well.

  5. dav says:

    13 pages seems excessive, and anything comfortable …
    For several days I go to the last page and look for the link …

  6. George Johnson says:

    On the bright side, traffic is light and you can choose where you want to live (and die) basically.

  7. Ivanoff says:

    I visited Norilsk once at the end of the 80s and it made a very depressing impression on me. The forlorn architecture of its streets seems not to have changed. The air, water and soil look even more toxic than back then. I would never want to go back.

  8. pawel says:

    absolutely amazing…i love the north and the russian north is my dreamland…greets from poland

  9. komar says:

    Hello photographer !!

    Why not in spring or summertime???

    Every big town in the world is showing like this in the same time

    Looks like Ireland

  10. Douglas says:

    this city has no need for a jail.

  11. snotty says:

    3rd page, 1st photo looks like the Bronx

  12. Tim from Russia says:

    People go there to work, it’s like Detroit in US, only not abondend and people still work there on a plants and factories. It doesn’t supposed to be pretty. And they pay quite good money for that, well at least I heard that.

  13. Mariya says:

    I grew up there and the guy taking the pics and posting then in his lifejournal is my good friend, we were classmates… we both haven’t been in the city for over 10 years and these pics looked terribly sad and depressing for both of us… Somehow from faraway memories of childhood, I don’t remember it being so bleak. To answer about the season to ‘komar’it was still “summer”, it kinda looks like this regardless of the weather. And you really don’ want to be there in winter… The saddest part is that the company who mines and produces all the metals in there makes so much money it’s crazy – yet they give nothing back…

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