5 Old Station of Radio Communication

Old Station of Radio Communication

Posted on August 23, 2013 by team

The network of tropospheric radio communication “North” was stretching for fourteen thousand kilometres, 100-400 km between the stations. The network was highly efficient and important for under-populated areas of the country. We’re going to show you one of the stations of the system “North” which is called “Strip”.

This station was one among the first in the system.



“Attention! The system is filled with potassium bichromate. “Poison!”




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5 responses to “Old Station of Radio Communication”

  1. monica says:

    Was this a relay station of the old “voice of russia” shortwave broadcasting station?

  2. komar says:

    I have virus from english russia every time i open new page and every day.
    But interested photos of interieur of electronic technology – please send makro-photos of transistors and resistors etc

  3. wladimir fickdusimir says:

    Looks like some kind of reflector arrangement with the actual antennas located on the small towers before them. If that’s a horn antenna, it looks like it’s operating somewhere in the VHF frequency range, maybe UHF.

    Probably nothing to do with Voice of Russia or any broadcast.

  4. Cthippo says:

    Looks like a multiplexed microwave system, something similar to the old White Alice system the US used in artic regions in the 50s. This kind of thing works relatively cheaply in areas where it would be way too expensive to run telephone cable to. Probably one “dish” transmitted and the other recieved. The microwave signal could could carry multiple voice or data streams at once and so a system like this could serve as the telephone exchange for an entire town.

    The NSA spent a lot of money trying to pick up leaked signals from these sorts of systems during the cold war.

  5. MAO says:

    Ordinary old USSR tropo communication system from 70’th.. Worked at UHF band, used for combined teletype & phone calls transmission according to morning-evening troposphere propagation

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