7 Chernobyl: Undead City

Chernobyl: Undead City

Posted on August 22, 2013 by team

Chernobyl should not be confused with a dead city Prupyat. It has a long and nice history being one of the oldest cities of Rus’. It was first mentioned back in 1193. By the beginning of the XXth century it had population of seventeen thousand people.

The city was named “Chernobyl” after a plant growing there – mugwort which is pronounced in Russian like “chernobylnik”.

The first impression of the city – it’s not dead! Its streets are cleaned, lawns – cut, five-storey houses have no “eye-sockets” of empty windows. Even buses go from Kiev to its bus station (you should have a permit to use them though). The city still has some functioning shops with a range of goods like in a village, it has all community facilities, a hotel, a canteen and much more.

At the bus station.

Smooth roads and fresh marking.


7 Responses to “Chernobyl: Undead City”

  1. Xanax says:

    Fascinating never ending story..

  2. alnum says:

    this is not Russia

  3. Tony Boney says:

    This city looks dead to me. No people in sight and it is very likely contaminated with all kinds of isotopes. Interesting though.

  4. A.Oscar says:

    Enigma Global by A.Oscar (Nuclear of any kind so danger’s)
    Chernobyl city accident to do with Nuclear Power Plant disaster: couldn’t be an example to many other cities around the world? Israel has example having one Nuclear Plant right in the center of that small country: and if them Israel’s known’s about Chernobyl, would play with fire by instigate so many atrocities around in the Middle East. Iran has example do not need to build any nuclear weapon which Israel are so afraid off. Conventional weapons will destroy Israel. Why Chernobyl not be the master of mal functions of many others around the world, inclusive Japan also having had the same. France would be a country with most of them: also in the middle of Europe: if any catastrophe would be there even from Mother Nature, all Europe will be in turmoil hard to accepter of such disaster. Wonder if any nuclear war come along with Nukes more powerful than the ones dropping in Japan: the living creatures in no World will suffer into the possibility of perishing life to any creature humans too. Why humans do not understand now about the danger’s towards for any were in the planet. Would be so nice the greed stay away from human’s mind: and all working not just for peace, also to try fix the environment on this planet. 24/08/2013 by A.Oscar

  5. alnum says:

    this is not Russia.Ukraine

  6. Jean says:

    A very rural place, for a hollyday.

  7. tamtam says:

    Wow. A ghost town!

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