3 Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: The Way It Is Today

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: The Way It Is Today

Posted on August 21, 2013 by team

Hay chopper.

The pond is shallow and streamless. Cooled water flowed back to the NPP.

Hot water from the NPP flowed here to cool down.

A flock of cormorants.

Half a kilometer away and we come to the cooling towers. They were built for 5-6 power units because the pond was not enough for the discharged amount of water.

This place is polluted so it’s better to leave as soon as possible.

Like a volcano!

Groupes of tourists get inside illegally. But it’s dangerous not because of radiation but because of plates sticking out.

Hawks often fly over the cooling towers.

Decaying and dirty scaffolding.


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3 Responses to “Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: The Way It Is Today”

  1. alnum says:

    this is not Russia

    • javox says:

      same lame comment, we all know is not russia, its ukraine, but this website is all about ex ussr and countries which belonged to the ussr….

  2. rrr-b-wolf says:

    Yes, and now, today, we have Fukushima.
    Much, much, much worse!!!!!!!

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