4 Colorful Army Drill In Pictures

Colorful Army Drill In Pictures

Posted on August 20, 2013 by team

You have already been shown the video of this bright event, but this time we have a plenty of pictures to show you as well.

The tanks will participate in tank biathlon.

The fire plane.

It is watering the sand on the field to protect spectators and judges from dust raised by the tanks.

Unusual rain.

Damaged tank.

Crews at their tanks.

Tanks are ready to start the competition.



Heading to the first firing line.

It’s T-72B tanks to compete. Maybe in fiture we’ll see American, French, English, Israeli tanks to take part in these competitions.

The rules of tank biathlon are not much different from ordinary skiing biathlon. Participants shoot at targets and overcome laps on a speed. They should load shells and cartridges into a tank before shooting.

Weapons and targets are different. The nearest target is the first one to shoot at. Then the tanks overcome another lap and shoot at the target called “helicopter” (on the picture above). Another lap and the remotest target located 2100 meters from a tank.

Signal fireworks let the participants, judges and spectators know if the targets are successfully hit.

If a tank hits the target from the first time it goes for an ordinary 6,1 km lap where it overcomes various obstacles which is not so easy for heavy vehicles. Fording point, for example.

High obstacle.

Something’s burning and exploding around the tank.


If a tank misses the target its crew has to load an additional ammunition and shoot again. If it is a success the tank goes for a penalty loop. Otherwise – two penalty loops.

Penalty loop: explosions around the tank again.

The judges are represented mainly by militarymen.

All the process is shot with a hundred of cameras.

This truck with a crane shoots the tanks when they move.


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4 responses to “Colorful Army Drill In Pictures”

  1. Matthew says:

    It appears the rainbow tanks support LGBT rights.

  2. Phil says:

    Tank-Biathlon should be a real sport. You can see, those Military eqipment is used to see which staff works as the best. They are against time , not enemy soldiers. I like it and i hope a lot of Weapen-haters will like that too!
    …Tanks are cool!!!

  3. Steve says:

    Good spotting Matthew! Finally Russians begin to open their hearts to homosexuals, showing their support through artful painting of their tanks.
    very Russian!

  4. Chris says:

    Girls und Panzer IRL

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