0 Ukrainian Safari

Ukrainian Safari

Posted on August 19, 2013 by team

This photo story is about the place in the Crimea, Ukraine, where one can come to lions very close. Would you dare? It’s not that scary as it may seem.

This park is located not far from Simferopol, near Belogorsk. There are 55 lions on the enclosed territory with area of thirty hectares. The park is divided into three sections. Visitors may watch the animals from special bridges stretching around the park for more than three kilometres.

They can drive along the park only in the company of the park director. Otherwise it may end very bad. The lions know him and are afraid of him.

They don’t like guests on their territory.

Local artefact – the truck for lions transportation.


Looks risky!

The leader of the animals.

Big cat and its master.

Meanwhile the harem is resting in the shadow of the tree.

The lion’s muzzle is all in scars – the animals often fight.


The pearl-hen looks shocked!

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