3 How Golden Watches Are Made

How Golden Watches Are Made

Posted on August 19, 2013 by team

Have you ever seen how golden watches are made? You may join us and visit “NIKA” company to see how it makes over 25 thousand precious items monthly.

This 12 kg bar costs 20 million rubles (about 650 thousand dollars).

Specialists check fineness of alloys made at this factory as well.


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3 Responses to “How Golden Watches Are Made”

  1. Jim Beam says:

    Chinese electronic caliper on last photo costs $15 from Ebay, I bought exactly the same last week. Now that prices of gold have dropped, maybe they can afford to buy some real professional equipment!

  2. Russiafan says:

    As a watchmaker, I’m really surprised by the casual way they are handling the gold. Gold scratches and dents very easily, and it seems to me that they are just throwing it around. As someone who does work on gold cases themselves, I didn’t come away with a good impression of this factyory.

  3. Russiafan says:

    I had to come back and make another comment. I have been in a factory in the USA that mainly made gold jewelry as well as watches. The retrieval systems to make sure not even a milligram of gold was lost or wasted were extensive. I see nothing like that here .It’s very rough. They are probably losing a great amount of gold every time they process or cut the cases. How can they afford this?

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