8 Plague In Paradise: the Georgian Abkhaz War

Plague In Paradise: the Georgian Abkhaz War

Posted on August 15, 2013 by team

Some more pictures to remember the Gerogian-Abkhaz war 1992-1993. Up to two thousands of Georgian soldiers, 58 military armoured vehicles, a lot of artillery were operating in unarmed Abkhazia. The plan of Abkhazia occupation under the code name “Sword” was fulfilled two weeks after admitting of Gerogia to the UNO. Russia ruled by B. Yeltsin knew about the plan and helped Georgia with armament.


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8 Responses to “Plague In Paradise: the Georgian Abkhaz War”

  1. Neo Anderson says:

    It’s worth knowing that the conflict was fueled by Russia. They have never come to terms with loosing so much territory after the USSR ceased to exist. So any conflict which could allow them to mean something in any region was in their favor. What I can’t comprehend is that the whole war was not only about separating the Abkhaz from Georgia – they were systematically killing each and every Georgian they could find – newborns, children, women, you name it. Animals, that’s what the Abkhaz with the Russian help were.

  2. George Johnson says:

    And why the USSR collapsed, they ran out of other people’s money. After WWII, they “prospered” by raiding the treasury of other countries. Once all that money ran out, they just collapsed. More proof, that communism, marxism, simply is an unworkable system.
    (and why America is going to fail, because the dimocrats keep pushing us in that direction, even after it’s failed everywhere else)

    • ChingghisKhan says:

      The USSR failed because communism doesn’t work. The USA will fail, because capitalism doesn’t work. The EU will fail because poor countries eat up all the wealth of north-west Europe. The only hope for the US is to get rid of the Republicans.

  3. Sergey says:

    Predstvte yourself: you are lying on the beach by himself in Florida and you are informed that in the 40 km landed troops and now will kill all. This was the case in Gagra when Georgian troops landed.
    A month ago, was in Abkhazia – congratulations to all the Victory Day!

  4. Jean says:

    A war fueled by america, who poke their nose into someone else bussinesses and killing and ruining everything on their path as the did and do everywhere. Thanks God Russia is there to prevent disaster and bring back life to normal.

  5. ChingghisKhan says:

    Russia didn’t support Georgia, Russia supported the the separatist movement of the Abkhaz. And Neo Anderson is right!

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