1 Cool Handmade Trike

Cool Handmade Trike

Posted on August 15, 2013 by team

Average speed of this motorcycle is only 20km/h. But it’s cool not because of the engine power, but due to its uniqueness. The creator and owner of the bike calls it “the steampunk trike”. It may seem that the bike was made from random stuff but in fact each detail was thoroughly selected to match the general style of the model. An oak barrel serves as a hood and the electric engine is covered by a champagne bucket. Drinking bowl replaced the glass of the light. The hand brake is a metal hand with creepy manicure. Even a musical box is mounted! The back of the seat is covered with an anaconda leather case.

It took Igor from Bishkek two years to complete the bike. The most complicated work was connected with electronics.  Now, when it’s done, Igor rides the bike every morning.

Everything started from the idea of a barrel based vehicle.

Front wheels were taken from URAL motorcycle, the rare one from the Chinese agricultural equipment. The tyres are luckily found used ones, from Michelin.

It was initially planned to make a bike with an electric drive. Wooden walls of the barrel were replaced with steel ones, all steel elements were cut with laser. Single charge enables the bike to overcome thirty kilometres.

He wanted the bike to look as if inherited from great grandfather.

The light has been made from an ice bucket, BMW optics was used.

Quite meticulous work!


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  1. john says:

    superb piece of work.well done.

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