0 Morning In the Yurt

Morning In the Yurt

Posted on August 14, 2013 by team


It is very beautiful in steppe of Altai, but life there is not easy at all. Right now you may join local shepherds and meet morning in the steppe.


These people are very hospitable. Four persons live in one yurt. Carpets are used by them for the intended purpose – to make the yurt warmer.


There is a solar battery in the urt, TV set is powered by storage batteries but we doubt it shows something in this steppe. There are a shelf with shampoo bottles, curtains and a stove. Masters live here for the whole season while the cattle is grazing, and then they go back to the village.

They say that a yurt can be dismantled for twenty minutes but it seems to be impossible. How much time can it additionally take to take all the things out of the yurt?


Melted butter.


Melted butter is kept not only on the shelves but under the beds too.


Means of transportation.


Pressed dung used as fuel.


How long would you stand to be there?


But sunsets are really beautiful over the steppe!



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