1 Instrument Rock Or Ideal Job For a Soviet Scientist

Instrument Rock Or Ideal Job For a Soviet Scientist

Posted on August 10, 2013 by team

In Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukriane, there is another interesting abandoned object – an instrument rock in the sea not far from the shore that had built-in devices for observation of the Black Sea and atmospheric conditions. It was created in the 30s. And it was probably quite a pleasure to work at the place like that – to come down every morning from the laboratory building to the seashore along the beautiful green park, see a new day being born, take readings of the rock devices, swim a bit in the cool sea water and go back to process the readings… But it might be like this in the far Soviet years. There are no more devices, no researches, no bridge to the rock (it was broken by storms long ago). In fact the whole territory is decaying today.

The laboratory building.

Marine test site.


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