3 Underground Lviv

Underground Lviv

Posted on August 9, 2013 by team

Those tourists who come to Lviv, Ukraine, are often offered to have an exersion to the city underground, but in fact they are always fake – for twenty hryvnias you come down to a basement of some house and listen to stories about some terrible tortures and executions. This time you can have a look at the real underground of Lviv – the biggest underground river in Ukraine – the Poltva. One more place we are going to visit – an abandoned bunker, former secret object “Loschina” (“Hollow”).

It used to be a navigable river. The Poltva had a city-forming meaning when Lviv was being built, it served as a moat and protected the city from the northern side.

The riverbed was hidden underground in the central part of the city in the middle of the nineteenth century – allegedly because Lviv was threatened by malaria. That is why the Poltva turned into sewage soon. In 1870 the length of the system was fifteen kilometres, in 1903 – 54 km, 1910 – 82 km, 1939 – over 150 km.


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  1. Martin Barlow says:

    In her book ‘The Girl In The Green Sweater’, Krystyna Chiger gives an astonishing and very moving account of hiding in the sewers for (I think) nearly 2 years during WW2. The group she was with was directly under the Assumption Church in the very centre of Lvov. There is also a 2011 Polish film ‘In Darkness’ based on the memoirs of the sewer worker Leopold Socha who kept them supplied with food.

  2. Ricsi says:

    It was built by Austrians because then it was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire,and the city was called Lemberg.

  3. Giles Baughman says:

    Signal station? I wonder if there were antennae above ground?

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