13 Morning Prayer of the Muslims In Moscow

Morning Prayer of the Muslims In Moscow

Posted on August 8, 2013 by team

As it happens every summer Moscow also celebrates Eid ul Adha (Kurban Bayram) – one of the main Islamic holidays. Dozens of thousands of Muslims came to the mosque for a morning prayer. They have been doing it for many years twice a year but every time it becomes shocking for some people in the city.


What a view from the window of someone’s house!





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13 responses to “Morning Prayer of the Muslims In Moscow”

  1. pip says:

    don’t want to get too close to some strangers’ hiney. islam and me would never work out.

  2. Elias says:

    so closing streets to pray? or to show off?
    Only men pray? what about women?
    i am sure like every year Moscow metro was in total chaos while those people refuse to pay metro fees, and start jumping over the machines and people.

  3. Ivanoff says:

    Is this really Moscow?!! Do these people have to worship in the streets? It feels like a foreign invasion though, in reality, portrays soviet heritage.

  4. Bobby6969 says:

    Islam is a religion of peace ,but some fanatics are present in all religions ,who misuse teachings of prophets, like Terry jones or like osama bin Laden ,they have nothing to do with religion .like jews extremists or Monks of Burma .

  5. Hello says:

    And not a single woman, anywhere…

  6. BHC says:

    So you beat up and jail gays and lesbians but you let these vermin invade and occupy your country? Are you stupid? These fools will blow up your subways and theaters (as has been proven) and blow up school children (Beslan) as they try to force their fairy tale down your throats. The muslims have invaded and occupied many countries over the centuries and imposed their religion at the point of a sword. You better clean house and get them out of there now, while there’s still time. They are a virus that will destroy the host.

  7. Gerhard says:

    Out of 13 comments so far, at least 8 are inspired by hate.

    But the real problem is that the article fails to describe what Islamic holiday this is correctly.

    First of all, it is NOT Eid ul Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) now, but rather Eid ul Fitr (Festival of Breaking the Fast of Ramadan).

    Secondly, Muslims don’t always celebrate it in the summer because their holidays follow the lunar calendar (moon), not the solar calendar (sun). Next year all holidays will occur about 10-11 days earlier in the solar year than this year.

    Thirdly, this prayer usually takes about 3 to 5 minutes and shouldn’t actually be “shocking”. But there are people who find it shocking that Muslims breathe and thus take away all their oxygen.

    • Lenin-McCarthy says:

      Since 9-11, there has been over 23,391 islamic terror attacks worldwide. Russia has received a good portion of it. Muslims brought this on themselves to be hated. Russia and the rest of the western world are suddenly waking up.

      • Ngugu says:

        Or it’s just another politically illiterate sheep whose nourishment is derived solely from contemporary yellow journalism and ideals akin to “Red Scares” and “witches”.

    • Ivanoff says:

      Err… OK, but the point is that we are not used to this kind of mass gatherings and worship of muslims in our streets. I don’t hate these people or their religion (they are free to worship in mosques or privately), but this looks ugly and out of character with my Moscow. Screw political correctness! I am not going to give up my freedom of expression for fear of offending someone. Yes, I am uncomfortable with this type of rallies, public worship or whatever you call it. This undermines our national identity. Perhaps you would like to see it in your politically correct, “tolerant” Germany?

      • zamrud says:

        because the mosque coldnt hold all these prayers and this eid praying is much better to do in open space..because it is a celebration…a victory, a victory against our desires,our anger during a month of fasting before this eid day…SORRY TO YOUR STREET..

  8. joe says:

    Where are the womans?Did muslims don´t allow their wives to pray?But if you don´t pray enough in Islam you don´t come into the paradise(also only if the man want it!!!)so it looks like they don´´t want their wives in paradise.

    • yisheng says:

      Your knowledge is wrong. All Muslims should go to the eid prayers. Ibn `Abbas further reported: “I went out with the Prophet on the day of breaking the fast or of the sacrifice, and he prayed and gave a khutbah (sermon), and then he went to the women and admonished them, reminded them of Allah, and ordered them to give charity.” (Reported by Al-Bukhari).
      So please dont speak out of ignorance. read about Woman in islam. dont judge islam by what some ignorant muslims act on their wives.

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