13 The Georgian Abkhazian Conflict: 5 Years After

The Georgian Abkhazian Conflict: 5 Years After

Posted on August 7, 2013 by team

Five years ago, in the end of April, an unmanned spy plane illegally flew from the territory of Georgia and was shot down over Abkhazia. That incident caused a serious international scandal. Georgia claimed it was Russian air forces that destroyed the plane and required investigation of the incident in the UNSC. But the latter did not arrive at a consensus about the situation in Abkhazia.

July 8th, four Georgia soldiers were arrested in Tskhinvali, South Ossetia. Later they were set free. Photo: Kazbek Basaev/AFP/Getty Images.

The Russian battalion passes through the Caucasus at the village Jaba of South Ossetia on the way to the place where the conflict began. President Saakasрvili declares martial law. Photo: Dmitry Kostyukov/AFP


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13 Responses to “The Georgian Abkhazian Conflict: 5 Years After”

  1. Mayn says:

    You “forgot” the picture of Sackofshit-ii eating ties…

  2. Grzgrz says:

    Would you care to explain illegally in “spy plane illegally flew”? Abkhazia has not been recognized and remains Georgian territory thus legality is out of question here.

    I do get you represent Russian point of view but expect you’ll do better than spread propagandist bollocks.

  3. to Henri Brfr says:

    Georgia did the first strike once Russian army had already arrived to South Ossetia. Since Russia had no legal grounds to have army there (only peacekeepers were allowed), Your question is provocative :)

  4. SlavaRossii says:

    Nazis or Georgians, doesn’t matter.
    Russia remains independent – URA!

  5. dfv says:

    Tomorrow I will eat a sandwich.

  6. lortea says:

    russia can’t live without wars, massacres, famines, conquering and letal dictators. russian way of living, with terrible consequences for russian neighbours.

  7. NMQ says:

    The Georgian and Russian conflict. Do not try to falsify facts.

  8. godknowns says:

    Russian soldier have nothing to be proud, killing, rape, destroy any type of civilian life. All its about power, economic interest. no honnor, no proud

  9. Ded Pihto says:

    Gee, people, check your facts. Russian army was gathering by Georgian border 3 days!!! before first shots were fired. For WHAT? Think about it.

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