1 Soviet Storm Factory

Soviet Storm Factory

Posted on August 7, 2013 by team

Did you know that there were places where they created “storm in a teacup”? Almost literally. The structure was actually called a storm pool but it didn’t resemble a pool at all. It sooner resembled that very teacup. Or a glass. Water was collected inside between the glass walls and in the upper part of the structure there were fans that created storm. Inside the “teapot” was a small tower.
Such a water collider that was considered to be strange and unneeded structure by many people…

The Crimea and that very tower in the centre of the “teapot”.

In the 50s here was an experimental base of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute that had three large scientific objects including the storm pool. All those objects are abandoned.

The storm pool was built in 1953 and was scientifically called an aerohydrodynamic channel.


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  1. rrr-b-wolf says:

    Think: HAARP and Nikolay(spl?) Tesla….I have nothing but respect for Niko’…..but his science has been abused!!!!!!!

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