4 Life in Lithuania of 1970

Life in Lithuania of 1970

Posted on August 7, 2013 by team

We cannot say for sure if this collection fully consists of Lithuanian shots (some pictures seem to be from Estonia or other countries). But nevertheless it’s quite interesting to look at these old amateur shots (still mainly from Lithuania) portraying life and people of the year 1970.


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4 Responses to “Life in Lithuania of 1970”

  1. Martin Barlow says:

    Quirky and charming snapshots of ordinary life, or not so ordinary in some cases. Possible to imagine stories behind each one.

  2. RRb says:

    Some of those photos are clearly not from LT, and some are irrelevant. 1) The flipped car has registration plates that were not used in LT (Estonia, maybe?); of course, there is a possibility that it arrived to LT from elsewhere and got into an accident; 2) there are no mountains in LT, although the photo with the mountains in the background might be made by travellers from LT; 3) The steam locomotive has a screw coupling, whereas the rolling stock in LT used (and still uses) SA-3 (CA-3) couplings; the buildings also look unlithuanian; I saw this photo in another forum and someone suggested that it might be Poland; 4) The army photos have nothing specifically Lithuanian in them — they could be made anywhere in the “Eastern bloc” and still look the same; BUT 5) the hydro power plant is clearly in Kaunas — I live ~1.5 km away from it; btw, it was refurbished and upgraded a few years ago.

  3. M says:

    As for the steam locomotive photo – the orange car on this photo is Polish Tarpan car, this would go along RRb comment, that the steam locomotive is Ty2 in Poland
    As for other photos – fishing boats have registration numbers STE-14 and STE-13, this look like from village of Stegna in Poland, quite close to Kaliningrad region.

  4. HA says:

    I Love this country becous i live in here.

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