1 Communication Station Called Dragon

Communication Station Called Dragon

Posted on August 7, 2013 by team

There is an interesting place in Magadan, Russia, which continuously attracts bored youngsters. Enourmously huge red-white mattresses standing on top of the hill. They appeared in the end of the 60s to become a part of the complex of tropospheric radio-relay communication called “North”.

The tropospheric radio-relay communication complex called “North” is the former Soviet system of communication lines created to provide remote regions of the country with communication.

The line was stretching for 13 200 km and consisted of 46 tropospheric radio-relay stations. The whole system included seven lines, had two subsystems which in their turn controlled numerous centres and stations.

Initially they tried to attract civil signallers to work at the stations but due to the difficult social and living conditions the government had to engage militarymen. This station connected the lines – Magadan – Yakutsk and Magadan, Anadyr.


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