1 Dead Sea of Pamir

Dead Sea of Pamir

Posted on August 4, 2013 by team

This place has no trees and flowers, only stones, sand, wind and severe frost when long winter comes. It has no oil and gas, only rare plants for not so numerous sheep and yaks kept by people who live here in white box-houses no matter what. It’s Eastern Pamir, its lowest areas are higher than 3600 meters above sea level.

Even the huge lake Karakul is useless for people, because it is dead, salty and lifeless. Locals say that its water is so dense that ordinary boats cannot be used for sailing along the lake – they simply turn upside down. So they use special rafts loaded with lead plates.

The lake is 33 km long and 24 km wide. Its maximum depth is 238 m.

via vvtrofimov

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