2 Old Petersburg

Old Petersburg

Another set of images of old
wonderful Saint-Petersburg.

3 Night at the International Airport

Night at the International Airport

Usually bloggers and phpotographers are officially invited to airports for shooting aircrafts. Actually they all have many similar shots in
result. This time we are going to join photographers who will penetrate the territory of the international airport illegally at night.

1 The Old Russian Power Plant

The Old Russian Power Plant

Gizeldonskaya HPP - is one of the oldest power plants of Russia.
And probably one of the most beautiful in North Ossetia.

11 Russian Beauties At the Universiade

Russian Beauties At the Universiade

University Games are a beautiful event from all sides. Right now you are going to see Russian sportswomen
of strong will and attractive appearance who are participating in the competitions this year.

8 Northern Capital of Russia In 1983

Northern Capital of Russia In 1983

Just an interesting photo album
portraying Leningrad as it was in 1983.

2 The Museum of Permafrost

The Museum of Permafrost

One of the most intersting places in Yakutsk, Russia, is a museum of permafrost in the old tunnel which was drilled in 1989 for storage of foodstuffs. Later it was closed to be bought in 2008 by one local travel agency. Today it is a unique vault where the temperature of 5-10C is maintained all the year round. The museum walls are covered with hoarfrost, all the
earth is penetrated by ice streaks. It's a cool place for children, because there is a residence of Russian Santa there, adults prefer to spend time in the bar of the museum where vodka is served in ice shot glasses. Furthermore there is an exhibition of Yakut treasures at the place. Visitors can see diamonds of a quail egg size there.

9 Ruined Catholic Church In Ukraine

Ruined Catholic Church In Ukraine

We are in the Odessa region to see the main Catholic church in the Kuchurgan district built in 1901 and named in honor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Once this three-nave Catholic
church had two 58 m towers and was considered to be the most beautiful Catholic cathedral in the south of the region. We are going to see what has remained from the church up to date.

3 On the Way to Pripyat

On the Way to Pripyat

This post is the first part of a big report from the exclusion zone of Chernobyl. We are going to come back to its most interesting
objects and maybe see something we had not seen before. The pictures inside this very post were taken on the way to Pripyat.

5 Busy, Busy Deputies

Busy, Busy Deputies

"the Party of Regions" in Ukraine is a party of power and control in the country and the
parliament. But let us see what its deputies are busy with at a parliamentary session.

3 The Legend About the Shot Metallurgist

The Legend About the Shot Metallurgist

According to the legend about this monument standing at the entrance to Mariupol, Ukraine, it served (and maybe still serves) as a target for local bandits who passing by always shot at the
statue from windows of their cars. Sometimes they even came close with machine guns being drunk after a spree to shoot the monument. But it seemed to be just a legend...

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