1 Russians At the Paris Air Show

Russians At the Paris Air Show

Russia was rather widely represented at Le Bouget show in Paris and it got a lot of attention there. Many people were interested in the Russian
flight program (especially in the show of Su-35) and Russian stands were never empty. Here are some pictures devoted to this topic.
1 Really Huge Abandoned Bunker

Really Huge Abandoned Bunker

This huge bunker stretching for about one kilometre long is situated under one of the mountains of South Ural. We cannot
say for sure what for it was made. Probably for equipment storage and sheltering of a defence factory personnel.
1 Natural Wonder of the Stone Pillars From the Air

Natural Wonder of the Stone Pillars From the Air

The national natural reserve "Lena Pillars" has been created not so long ago - in 1995 and only in 2012 it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Total square of the reserve is almost 500 thousand hectares. Lena pillars are divided into two
parts: stone formations on the shore of the Lena river themselves and Tukuklan area where scientists found the remains of a mammoth, ancient bison and rhinoceros. Right now we are going to see this wonder of nature from the air.
2 Must Be the Brightest Plane In Moscow Today!

Must Be the Brightest Plane In Moscow Today!

This superjet arrived to Moscow from Ostrava, Czech Republic where it was repainted in the Russian handicraft style of "khokhloma". This
ornament had been chosen among others for the 90th anniversary of the Russian air company "Aeroflot". So how do you like the result?
3 Moscow Guys Do Not Give Up!

Moscow Guys Do Not Give Up!

This guy in white probably thought he would scare the Toyota
driver to death, but revenge was not long in coming...
1 Minsk Just Yesterday

Minsk Just Yesterday

In the subway of Minsk, Belarus, yesterday. Such a water tram... What
about electricity? Isn't it dangerous? See the video after the jump.

4 T 50 In the Sky

T 50 In the Sky

New photos of Prospective Airborne Complexes of Frontline
Aviation: a couple of T-50 are taking off right now!

2 Empty Flats of Pripyat

Empty Flats of Pripyat

Just in a moment these cosy flats turned into unneeded concrete boxes, they look so miserable today (mostly thanks to
efforts of plunderers: they cut off radiators and threw them directly out of windows so most of them are broken).
12 Lunch Time In the Army

Lunch Time In the Army

We are going to inspect one of the army canteens of the Moscow region inside this post. Soldiers have never been served dainty dishes, besides, sometimes soldiers had to look for food by themselves. Hungry? Your problem! It had been typical for centuries in Italy, Sweden, France, Russia. The first person who began to change this
situation was Peter the Great. For the first time in the history of all the Russian army soldiers began to be fed by civilian companies. Indeed should a soldier spend hours in a kitchen? Nope. Today soldiers serve in the Russian army for one year only so it would be stupid to spend this time peeling potatoes!
0 IMDS 2013 Is Over

IMDS 2013 Is Over

International Maritime Defence Show in St. Petersburg is finally over. Russian aerobatic teams made a furore in the
centre of the city as it had been expected. It makes no sense to write about it, it just has to be seen.

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