7 World Strongest Girl

World Strongest Girl

December 2011 - May 2012, Khimki, Moscow. Maryana Naumova, 13, lifts weight two times
heavier than her own (87,5 kg!). She is called the strongest girl in the world.

5 Peasant Crafts

Peasant Crafts

When we see someone making things with his/her hands today we call him/her a creative person. But a century ago it was
typical for almost everyone. People of the past skillful with their fingers are on the pictures of this post.
0 Air Gates of Saint Petersburg

Air Gates of Saint Petersburg

The first airfileds appeared in the city of Saint-Petersburg in 1910, right now you may see some old pictures of the first
city "air gates", the predessecors of the modern Pulkovo airport, and more recent photos devoted to the topic.

5 Disposal of the Seized Weapons

Disposal of the Seized Weapons

More than 6 000 pcs of seized or voluntarily turned in firearms were smelted in the Rostov region recently. From the resulted
metal they plan to make fittings for the building complex. Such operation is held approximately once in two years.
7 The Day of Rope Jumping

The Day of Rope Jumping

Elena island, Russian Far East, is the place
people like to visit for rope jumping.

4 The Fishing Region of Russia

The Fishing Region of Russia

Sakhalin island has always been closely connected with fishery. It has the warm Japanese Sea from one side and the cold Okhotsk Sea from the other, besides
there are a lot of rivers, lakes and creeks on the island itself. No other part of Russia can boast of such diversity of seafood and fish.

1 Just a Small Airfield

Just a Small Airfield

This airfield belongs to one research institute of parachute building. There are still some remnants
of flying and non-flying equipment there. Some pictures from the place are inside the post.
4 Russian Flying Saucer

Russian Flying Saucer

"Russian UFO" - here is how foreigners call an aerodynamic ground-effect craft "EKIP" which is based on a number of original engineering ideas. Among the main advantages of the flying amphibian vehicle are
efficiency, an ability to overcome great distances with a big load aboard, environmental friendliness and safety. However the project has not been implemented yet due to the lack of funding.
12 Summer In the Village

Summer In the Village

Just life in a village as it is. Scratched knees, pregnant cat in the rays of sun on a porch, an old bicycle from a shed, heavy capacity with milk, voice of granny who calls for dinner, smell of cow poop on
a dusty road, small worn-out shoes - all those things that villagers have in their hearts are on the photos below. Photos are made by awesome Russian photographer Tatyana Kuznetsova. Enjoy!

11 Daily Routine of Russian Lawmakers

Daily Routine of Russian Lawmakers

Is it hard to be a lawmaker? Make a
conclusion after seeing these pictures.

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