2 How Fireworks Are Launched

How Fireworks Are Launched

We are visiting the Moscow firework division responsible for arranging fireworks on holidays in the Russian
capital. The division was formed in 1967, all its fireworks are unique. How do soldiers of the division work?
4 Street Magic

Street Magic

What exactly is going on here? These concrete slabs went
berserk and seems it can be synchronized with some music.

0 Ostankino TV Tower: 503 Meters Above the Ground

Ostankino TV Tower: 503 Meters Above the Ground

For the author of these pictures the most difficult was to lift all his shooting equipment on such a height along the
cascade of stairs, through various structures, pipes and cables. But look at the photos, it was really worth it!

3 Soviet Attack Plane Il 102

Soviet Attack Plane Il 102

Il-102 was presented by the development design office of Ilyushin in summer 1991, it pretty much resembled Il-40 serially produced
since the 1950s. But it had another shape of fuselage nose, better surveillance, more powerful engines and weapons.

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