14 Collapse of the New 8 Million Dollars Pool

Collapse of the New 8 Million Dollars Pool

Posted on July 31, 2013 by team

A new building of the swimming pool complex, that is due for putting into service in August 2013, cracked at night in Krasnodar. The water pressure broke part of the building wall and the fence. The cost of the project – 250 million rubles (about eight million dollars). 

“The centre of swimming”.

Location: Krasnodar

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14 Responses to “Collapse of the New 8 Million Dollars Pool”

  1. Sallinen says:

    It may have cost 8 million dollars but there wasn’t 8 million dollars of work done.

  2. ss says:

    this is what happens when a pool costs 8 million, but only 3 are spent building it. This is the corruption result.

  3. rostit says:

    I am surprised there wasnt one car with a camera driving by when that happened. Id love to see the video of the water rushing out.

  4. petrohof says:

    the engineer must have forgotten to calculate for the weight of the water! it hardly looks like it would have stood empty, let alone with water at 8 lbs per gallon.

  5. qcd says:

    Water pity. The architect’s career is washed up. Maybe he he should have pooled his talent with others. But now his reputation is tanked. But it’s a fluid situation. Soon it will all be water under the bridge. Then his career will be going swimmingly well again.

  6. Ivan says:

    How funny… they’ve made the pool’s floor 30 cms thick and placed the pilars 5 meters from each one.

    I’m not an engineer, but the failure here it’s astonishing.

  7. dolores says:

    See, there’s your problem. You have to make sure your crossbars can carry the weight, not just the columns…

  8. ausGeoff says:

    Apparently they used the same engineering company that built Chernobyl.

  9. oernii says:

    my guess: the architects were good, but some builders decided, that some of the metal bars and cement is better spend on their house or dacha.

  10. RB says:

    At least it was empty,eight pounds per gallon or over sixty pounds per cubic foot.

  11. zx10R says:

    by cheap LED spotlights on walls you can judge how they were economical on rest materials

  12. Douglas says:

    “I forgot to calculate the weight of the water”.

  13. Ded Pihto says:

    hahaha. Look at all the scavengers looking for something to steal.

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