3 Showing Combat Readiness of the Country

Showing Combat Readiness of the Country

Posted on July 28, 2013 by team

In the post-Soviet history it was the most large-scale test of military combat readiness. The exercises held in the Russian Far East included eighty thousand of militarymen, about one thousand of tanks and armoured combat vehicles, 130 aircrafts and helicopters, 70 ships.


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  1. steve114 says:

    Ugh what’s with the picture limit on each page. Navigating this place has become way to clunky

  2. Yuriy S. says:

    Agreed. Extremely annoying.

  3. Hugh Crawford says:


    For those if us with Internet connections in the real world, English Russian has become a lot slicker and faster now that we no longer have our browsers choked and stalled as they wait for dozens of pics to fight their way to our screens.

    Thanks for the paged pics ER :-)

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