8 Summer House of Joseph Stalin

Summer House of Joseph Stalin

Posted on July 26, 2013 by team

This is one of the eighteen summer houses of Joseph Stalin. It is situated five kilometres from Sochi, on the territory of a sanatorium “Zenenaya Roscha” (“Green Grove”). Let’s see have an excursion to the house right now.

The house and the interior have been preserved absolutely untouched, officially this house is a museum today but in fact it is a hotel complex.

The road leading to the house is too narrow for two cars.

The whole complex is surrounded by trees – palms, leaf-bearing trees and cedars. The summer house was built on top of the ridge, this place has a unique microclimate thanks to mixture of several air streams.

The figure is made from wax.

Strict straight lines – typical style of the Stalinist era.

There is a restaurant on the terriory of the sanatorium named after J. Stalin. All the dishes served there are made from home food.

Central entrance to the house.

Here the leader used to play chess.

Precious woods were used for the interior. No rare pictures, no posh details, strictness and shades – favourite furnishing of Stalin.

Banquet room.


Highly exlusive window with a frost ornament.

The terrace with a view of the courtyard.

Here used to be a fountain but it was broken right before Stalin settled here. It was hastily done because one of the main orders to the architect from the leader was “no fountains at all!”

The color of the house still remains green. Original window frames have been preserved too.

Here, at the pool, there used to be to-ceiling windows.

The bizarre clay pot near the porch is a “tandoor”  – an Asian version of a furnace for cooking meat in a special way.

Visitors of the place are still treated to eastern dishes.

This is a study of the leader. The bed is next to the desk. Its size is rather modest – 1,8m x 0,8 m.

In his right hand Joseph Stalin used to hold his smoking pipe but it was taken by someone as a souvenir…

Photo stand – important historic moments and pictures of Stalin’s daughter.

Opposite is a modest secretary desk.

The phone for special connection.

The desk set given to the leader by Mao Zedong.

The leather sofa armoured by horsehair and a leather coat hanging nearby. Everything looks the same as it did when the leader was alive. Over the sofa are the windows of the projector room (there was a movie theater there).

The wax figure is very realistic.

The billiard room of the leader. His personal cue is still here.

“Billiard factory of Yakov Gots. Rostov”.

We wonder if someone dared to win except the master of the house?

They say that according to the idea of the architect this fretwork should resemble the profile of the leader. Does it?

Does this house have a ghost?

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8 Responses to “Summer House of Joseph Stalin”

  1. oldeafcoot says:

    You don’t have to like this guy (Stalin) to recognize that he was a genius, an evil genius perhaps, but a genius. He dragged the Soviet Union into the twentieth century and made it a world power.
    The Soviet Union is the only nation after WW II to have achieved ALL of it’s strategic goals. Complete control of Eastern and Northern Europe, domination of Germany, a major force to be reckoned with. All in about thirty years!

    • Grzgrz says:

      Right. But why worship? All the museums, statues and such. Same with Lenin. I don’t get Russian affection towards its villains.

  2. George Johnson says:

    I would have thought billiards would have been considered a game of the bourgeois. But that would never stop a hypocritical communist eh?

  3. Pinky says:

    Love the house and grounds.

  4. Josh Jeeves says:

    It’s not “Stalin’s house”, it’s an official state-owned residence which was used by a plenty of USSR officials.
    Stalin visited it several times, however.

  5. Ded Pihto says:

    Why call him a *leader* all the time? Are you still feel like he is your leader? He is the war criminal and mass murderer, and should be remembered as such.

  6. Bob says:

    They must suffer from Stockholm syndrome, explains why they feel nostalgic towards the emptiness of those times.

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