3 Building the Helicopters of Russia

Building the Helicopters of Russia

Posted on July 26, 2013 by team

“HeliVert”., JSC. is a joint company of two enterprises – “Helicopters of Russia” and “AgustaWestland” of Italy. The company is based in Tomilino, Moscow region. Right now we are going to visit this place.

The engineering centre has recently been built to accomodate main offices of “Helicopters of Russia” comapny and “Moscow Helicopter Factory named after M.L. Mil”. “Kamov” JSC. is going to join them soon too. Experimental and Research centre is going to be put into service as well as the Centre of Logistics.

Russian-Italian company “HeliVert” specializes in production of a medium helicopter AW139.


3 Responses to “Building the Helicopters of Russia”

  1. RB says:

    Russians should be very proud of their aviation history. I cant speak for every Canadian but in this area you put us to shame.

  2. CCCP says:

    I “love” to see Italian hellicopters assembled at Russia, Lenin’s bones will tremble by this…

  3. Ded Pihto says:

    what’s that moron Astahov is doing there? saving Russian kids from american parents?

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