6 Russian Marines In Action

Russian Marines In Action

Posted on July 22, 2013 by team

Some pictures of Pacific fleet marines in action.

Like for real!

via pressa-tof

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6 Responses to “Russian Marines In Action”

  1. tanksoldier says:

    I thought Russia only had Naval Infantry. In English usage and Western tradition “naval infantry” and “marine” are not the same.

    • Josh Jeeves says:

      It’s naval infantry, not marines.

      Marines is expeditionary force to project power overseas i. e. conquer, occupy and enslave.

      Naval infantry is to provide support to the navy.

      • tanksoldier says:

        False. Naval infantry are naval personnel assigned to ground combat roles. Marines are personnel trained for ground combat assigned to naval vessels to provide security and project power ashore. In the US for example “SeeBees” are naval infantry when performing their ground combat role, not marines. Most troops called “marines” today don’t perform actual marine duties, they are simply assault infantry.

  2. RB says:

    if a comment is made about even Americans respect you, then that is truly sad. I am in Canada and trust me the US might have a bit more money and what not but man for man there is no difference.

    • tanksoldier says:

      The basic material is more or less similar, I believe you’ll find US enlistees to be more highly educated on average, but Russians have traditionally made acceptable Soldiers. Unfortunately, money IS what makes the difference. Money for training: ammo, spare parts, equipment and fuel. Money for pay and benefits so service members choose to stay in uniform, increasing overall experience and expertise.The Western style career non-commissioned or petty officer is virtually unknown in Russia and manning their forces solely with volunteers is obviously impossible.

  3. Uriah says:

    A number og soldiers seem to ba carrying rifles without magazines and they are hardly carrying any spare ammunition.

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