7 World Strongest Girl

World Strongest Girl

Posted on July 19, 2013 by team

December 2011 – May 2012, Khimki, Moscow. Maryana Naumova, 13, lifts weight two times heavier than her own (87,5 kg!). She is called the strongest girl in the world.

It’s the gym where Maryana trains three times a week.

At WPA-2011 cup. December 25th, 2011. Maryana’s father, Alexander, prepares daughter for her performance.

She set another record there – lifted 77 kg.

At WPA-2011 cup. Shoulder sprain prevented her from a new record.

Here father is a powerlifting champion of Russia. He is engaged in sports education of Maryana.

Maryana’s mother – Olga, her main fan at all competitions.


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7 Responses to “World Strongest Girl”

  1. Adriaan says:

    You can tell she has a lot of power in her arms, when you look at the part between her wrist and elbow, that is really a lot bigger than any girl of her age. Just hope you doesn’t ruin her back.

  2. niggah says:

    We need 1 pic per page !!!!

  3. Bobby says:

    For lifter she is simply breathtaking. I always associated female lifters with ugly steroid taking hunks of muscle.

  4. arazahra says:

    i love having athletic body but it tends to flatten ur boobs with all the training thats why i opt for yoga now sigh. anyway goodluck to her, nice that she love her sport.

  5. russia yeah says:

    weirdest form ever.

  6. Mister Twister says:

    I don’t thinking lifting weights is a good way to develop a balanced healthy body, for anyone, but this is impressive.

    Also, bunny.

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