4 The Fishing Region of Russia

The Fishing Region of Russia

Posted on July 18, 2013 by team

Sakhalin island has always been closely connected with fishery. It has the warm Japanese Sea from one side and the cold Okhotsk Sea from the other, besides there are a lot of rivers, lakes and creeks on the island itself. No other part of Russia can boast of such diversity of seafood and fish.

Everything started long long ago, there were no Russians on the island, only different indigenous peoples who were hunting and fishing. Later Japanese fishing boats started to sail to the island. By 1787 there had been formed two small Japanese settlements of fishermen which spread all over the southern part of the island very fast.

In 1853 the Russian government remembered about the island but the Japanese did not plan to leave. Till 1875 the island had been divided into the Russian and Japanese parts. Subsequently the Japanese exchanged their part of the island for the Kuril Islands.


4 Responses to “The Fishing Region of Russia”

  1. Khalifa says:

    Interesting information about a region that is unknown to many people keep up great work…

  2. Dave says:

    No people here anymore!

    • Mark says:

      Yes there are…. a thriving and affluent population in fact. It has one of the largest off shore oil deposits in Russian waters. It would be insane not to have developed this island.

  3. A.Oscar says:

    Very nice to watch what was going on to the island of Sakhalin and Japan just about hade for them until 1945? What I would like to mention about humans greed: always looking for quantity not so much about quality. Would be nice if could be possible bring another planet, even the moon to join the Earth. The resource’s start to get less and less special about fish: in 1950s seems like used to be lots of fish, special cod in the Grow landing. Fishermen used to get with a line for many years: until the greed made them start to use nets and not more by line. That was then many countries doing the same, and now not that much cod: I even thought it could be more smart humans that bring Cod to Antarctica region and alternated fishing one year in the north and other in the south. Japanese love fish: they should realized of having different methods for fishing any were in the world, like I said alternate were should be in one year and the other in some place else.

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