4 Russian Flying Saucer

Russian Flying Saucer

Posted on July 18, 2013 by team

“Russian UFO” – here is how foreigners call an aerodynamic ground-effect craft “EKIP” which is based on a number of original engineering ideas. Among the main advantages of the flying amphibian vehicle are efficiency, an ability to overcome great distances with a big load aboard, environmental friendliness and safety. However the project has not been implemented yet due to the lack of funding.

“EKIP” does not resemble any other plane. Its appearance is unique. It has no wings cause “EKIP” is a wing itself. Disk-shaped fuselage functions like wings, the ship has much space inside due to the enlarged central part. It allows to increase capacity of fuel tanks and use special types of fuel. The authors of the project affirm that the vehicle can fly on natural gas, kerosene or on the saving mixture of water and gasolene.

“EKIP” does not need runways, it is able to land and take off from any even surface 500 meters long including water, soil and ice. The vehicle has no chassis, it is replaced with a takeoff and landing device – an air cushion generated by turbojet engines with an ability to change the vector of the nozzles. When the vehicle is about to land the nozzles work in the direction opposite to the derection of moving; when it takes off they blow air under the wing creating an air cushion.

“EKIP” can transport heavy loads and many people (1000 and even more).


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4 Responses to “Russian Flying Saucer”

  1. Kent_Diego says:

    I could never see this as practical. Just one poor landing or hitting tree and millions in damage.

  2. RB says:

    This design wins the cutest airplane award. I wonder who owns the rights to all of these beauties?

  3. Mizz(A) says:

    I Hope some company will pick up this concept and put it in production!

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