11 Daily Routine of Russian Lawmakers

Daily Routine of Russian Lawmakers

Posted on July 18, 2013 by team

Is it hard to be a lawmaker? Make a conclusion after seeing these pictures.

They need some rest too!


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11 Responses to “Daily Routine of Russian Lawmakers”

  1. Timothy Erickson says:

    In a democracy you get what the voters ask for. The government is a reflection of the people. If the people are lazy, you’ll get a lazy government. If the people are stupid, you’ll get a stupid government. If the people can’t decide what they want, the government will be ineffective. Just look at the current US Congress.

  2. Susceptible Emilio says:

    4th page 1st pic is one heck of a nice-looking politician.

  3. Hugh Crawford says:

    Spare a thought for poor old ausGeoff.

    Unable to click through more than a few pics of pages, he’ll have missed some of the best toward the end of this set ;-)

  4. yagur says:

    They all just lick balls of Putin…It’s difficult job guys!

  5. fardeen says:

    how people can more confidence on them.

  6. AD says:

    italians are the worst. no kidding, they eat, they drink alcool, they play games, they sleep, now in summer most go at the seaside, they do what they want except that their work. f*ck off. they’re about 970 people that are our downfall!!!

  7. chemise says:

    page 8 : the singer from Lube. Is he in politics now?

  8. Serge says:

    The second page of the first and last photo – the activists. The laws on anti pussy riot, antimagnitsky law, other illiberal laws this year, all under the authorship of these women.

  9. Dar says:

    last photo on page 10 definitely needs an explanation.

    Also, who’s the big neanderthal-looking guy?

  10. MArco says:

    I wonder the neanderthal man in the 5th pic of page 2 and last page is the last neanderthal man who is still alive in the 20th century.

  11. Jean says:

    Our laws are in the right (Woman) hands.

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