17 Smart Does Not Always Mean Modest

Smart Does Not Always Mean Modest

Posted on July 16, 2013 by team

One of these Ukrainian graduates got the highest score in four state exams and was even invited to the town hall of Vilnius (Lithuania) where she was congratulated by the city governor himself.

Look how the girl dressed for this official meeting.


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17 Responses to “Smart Does Not Always Mean Modest”

  1. ku ku says:

    what the hell is Ukraine-Lithuania republic or what? :DDDD Igor S, young Russian gentleman should learn some geography and dont fool people :DDDDD

  2. Robert says:

    She is on man-hunt !

  3. oldeafcoot says:

    That young woman will go far. She knows how to use all her assets!

  4. javox says:


  5. AS says:

    A jo….A bl…Nu pi….No comennt…..

  6. Saule says:

    A jo….A bl…Nu pi….No comment…..

  7. udiya says:

    good girls. bad artifacts

  8. akirion says:

    she did xxx photography on Met Art.com
    lots of Ukrainian/Baltic States girl on there..

  9. Emilio says:

    I don’t see anything wrong…

  10. a says:

    not smart journalist, not smart

  11. arazahra says:

    haa at least she dare to go different, look at those boring looking nerd in the lot, i mean hahahaha….

  12. yarightlol says:

    She will go far as a slut you mean? If that even means getting “far” to you. To us Western Europeans it wouldn’t mean anything. This girl is simply not very smart, she just studied like hell and her parents probably told her to dress like a slut so she can get the richest man possible. And that, my friends, is not considered a smart thing anymore in the advanced countries ;)

  13. JP says:

    Maybe her luggage with her nice dress was lost enroute. Since she is from the Ukraine and the award was given in Lithuania, I imagine she got there using an airline. She probably wore the shorts and blouse you see in the picture during the flight.

  14. buxlt says:


  15. Dan says:

    This girl will go far. She knows how to use what she has. That actually is one definition of intelligence.

    • Slaven says:

      Yes that is also why professional high class prostitutes are very well paid in the west. They are also very intelligent but they just chose to spread their legs for a living.

      Do not spread you stupidity and reversed logic.

  16. Neal says:

    She looks just like Ronda Rousey. Looks like her twin!

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