4 Russia And China Marine Interaction

Russia And China Marine Interaction

Posted on July 16, 2013 by team

Russian and Chinese ships were practicing interacton in Peter the Great Bay. More than 4000 military men participated in the maneuvers from both sides.

We are aboard the destroyer “Bystriy” (“Fast”).


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4 Responses to “Russia And China Marine Interaction”

  1. ausGeoff says:

    Can you PLEASE revert to having many more pics on each page? Only 3 or 4 images means we’re forever clicking through. NINE pages is ridiculous!

  2. MMM says:

    i agree with previous commentor, it is so annoying to scroll through 9 pages

  3. Hugh Crawford says:

    Poor ausGeoff and his limp wrist – can’t manage more than a few mouse clicks before he’s exhausted.

    Nine pages is not ridiculous – it means we have a lot of pics to enjoy.

    And now we can actually enjoy them, instead of having our browsers stalled while those of us in the real world wait for the pics to download as we don’t all have hyperfast links to the Internet.

    Please don’t listen to the moaners – English Russia has become a lot better since the paged pic delivery was introduced.

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