3 It Is Time To Harvest Potatoes

It Is Time To Harvest Potatoes

Posted on July 16, 2013 by team

Photos from the Astrakhan region where people already harvest new potatoes. Every worker is paid for about 80 cents per sack, which they consider quite satisfying. Daily one worker harvest approximately 40 sacks of potatoes.

Not such an easy job!


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3 Responses to “It Is Time To Harvest Potatoes”

  1. Jim Beam says:

    How many sacks do you need to collect to get a golden tooth?

  2. A.Oscar says:

    Enigma Global By A.Oscar
    Russia and the surrounds still his the bigger country in the world: I never been in Russia, but I red lots about it. Population not that much for the size of it: and always thought Russia has everything in greater quantities inclusive to grow potatoes which look to me a very good soil for it. I know the winter his rough there; also in Canada that is what makes a country much nice to compete. Humans are strange creatures: when don’t have will love to have; when had doesn’t care have much because get’s too monotonous about life. I’m Portuguese used to live in Canada for over thirty years: now back in Portugal and found the something about the Portuguese. Geographical is one of the best countries in the world: and because of such made them a chance to go by sea, just about everywhere. At that time around 1400 Portugal only had 3 million of people: now having 10 million for the past fifty years, because of emigration, and keep going down and Governments don’t have any values at all, only concerned about themselves when come to money. The reason I mention Portugal to do with human values. Russia just about having everything you name it, with so special all of you is on top of the world. 17/07/2013 by A.Oscar

  3. Emilio says:

    I hope they can count to them… (hey yo)

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