2 Empty Flats of Pripyat

Empty Flats of Pripyat

Posted on July 12, 2013 by team

Just in a moment these cosy flats turned into unneeded concrete boxes, they look so miserable today (mostly thanks to efforts of plunderers: they cut off radiators and threw them directly out of windows so most of them are broken).

Many concrete canopies were also broken by heavy radiators thrown out of windows.

Once clean and neat city, pride of the USSR, is overgrown with moss and ivy today.

“It’s our house and we have to take care of it”.

List of dwellers.

Not all radiators have been plundered though.

There are still many pianos in the flats, all of them were made by the Chernigov factory.

Kitchen window. Birds often flew into broken windows but could not get out and died.

View from the balcony.

The flats were designed poorly.

“Think less about bad and more about good…”

Thursday, April 26.

School copy-book.

Someone’s divorce certificate.

The package of cacao.

The bottle of mineral water.


Office of an insurance company.

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2 Responses to “Empty Flats of Pripyat”

  1. Lusker 41 says:

    Dam i stop posting Pripyat seen this every month on here

  2. javox says:

    so sad….i never could stop looking on this pics…what it could be if nothin of this happened? such a cute city, very futuristic i guess….

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