1 The Old Russian Power Plant

The Old Russian Power Plant

Posted on July 11, 2013 by team

Gizeldonskaya HPP – is one of the oldest power plants of Russia. And probably one of the most beautiful in North Ossetia.

The HPP is located in deep Dargavskoye gorge inside which the Gizeldon river goes down for 300 m creating ideal conditions for construction of a derivation power plant.

The HPP started to be built in 1927 and was put into service in 1934. Since then the HPP has been reliably working without considerable modernizations. However its equipment is outdated and planned to be replaced in the nearest future.

The power plant is equiped by three hydraulic units, its capacity amounts to 22,8 MW.

Modernization has already been started in fact. On the picture above are unique pelton turbines.

The pelton turbines of the power plant are pretty much different from ordinary water turbines – turbine wheels are driven not by a solid stream of water but by separate water jets which hit the buckets. Such turbines are very efficient for high-heads.The water head of the Gilzedonskaya HPP is the highest in Russia – 289m.

Tip of the regulator which blocks the nozzle from which the water flows (on the way to the turbine buckets).

“Work here”.

Industrial cosiness.

Impressive substation.

The water comes to the HPP from the small reservoir. It flows through the tunnel which is 2485 meters long and which has an underground surge chamber protecting the equipment from the water hammer effect in the end. Further it flows through the pressure pipeline 491 meters long directly to the turbines.

The reservoir is unwatered, its bottom is cleaned.

Usually the dam 21,5 m high holds the water.

The main unit serves for creation of the reservoir, provides water intake for derivation and discharge of the excess inflow to the tail-bay.

Tower type water intake.

Fog and rain, quite romantic!

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  1. RB says:

    I love this because it is the oldest and such a rich look into a different time. It would be nice to see some sort of drawing or sketch, its hard to understand. Why for example did they cut out the cups?

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