8 Northern Capital of Russia In 1983

Northern Capital of Russia In 1983

Posted on July 11, 2013 by team

Just an interesting photo album portraying Leningrad as it was in 1983.

So cosy and neat streets!

via humus

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8 Responses to “Northern Capital of Russia In 1983”

  1. blubb says:

    I have a very similar photoset printed in 1991. About the half of the fotos are exactly the same!

  2. stephen oneil says:

    Leningrad was always the hidden jewel of Russia…It was a pleasant nice city within a Soviet frame…It remains so today…as St. Petersburg….!!!

  3. komar says:

    I have the original,in good quality.
    who wants to buy the original?
    I am from germany, region Berlin
    Best regards.

  4. Josh Jeeves says:

    leningrad was in a terrible state in 80s, not even speaking about 90s.
    This marvel was just rotting and falling apart, I couldn’t hold tears seing those beautiful buildings dying.
    Thank G-d it’s changing for good now.

  5. Steamed McQueen says:

    Looks pretty much the same today except that there are many more vehicles on the road.

    Nice to see a shot of the cemetery in Piscaryovka on page 5. It’s not something that is on a typical tourist map but is something that everyone who visits St. Petersburg should see. You don’t have to be Russian to be moved by the human cost of war – and most of those in the mass graves were civilians, starved to death during the Blockade.

  6. komar says:

    I have the original.
    Who wants to buy this.
    I live in germany, region Berlin
    Best regards

  7. john says:

    As soon as I saw the very first photos here, I knew what they were–they were from a tourist postcard set that I bought in Leningrad in 1979.

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