0 Making Rifles In Russia

Making Rifles In Russia

Posted on July 8, 2013 by team

The story of this factory began in 2010, rifles “Orsis” started to be made there in 2011. Today the factory makes five types of hunting and sporting rifles and guns “Glock” under the Austrian license and guns “Marocchi” under the Italian license. The most popular model of the factory is ORSIS T-5000 – it often helps officers of Russian secret service to win in shooting competitions. The factory makes 1 200 weapons annually, 60% of them are hunting ones, others are sporting.

Rifle consists of three main elements: barrel, gun group and gunstock with a butt. production process starts from barrels, workpieces are imported from the USA. They are made from special stainless steel.

First of all a special machine drills a hole, a calibre of a rifle depends on its width. Then they make 4-6 spiral cuts inside which help to stabilize the trajectory of the bullet. For this they use a special hook which is also produced here, at the factory. The rifling lead process usually lasts 3-5 hours. To make one cut the tool should enter inside 60-80 times. In the end of the process the barrel is manually polished with lead-tin lap.

Lab specialists check the barrel for defects – scrathes, cracks or rust spots. Each barrels is checked several times: after drilling, after rifling and polishing.


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