13 A Pig Under the Mosque

A Pig Under the Mosque

Posted on July 7, 2013 by team


Citizens of Stavropol, Russia, are against islamization of their city. While the local authorities do nothing about it, they try to struggle against Islam the ways the can. Thus, they decided to follow the example of citizens of a Spanish city Seville who buried a pig’s body under the construction site of a new mosque. According to the Islamic law this animal is evil and it profanes the place where a mosque is being built. The court repeatedly held that the construction of the mosque had to stop but it still continues. By the way the judge was Muslim too…

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13 Responses to “A Pig Under the Mosque”

  1. Gerhard says:

    Islamization is a funny word inspired by Nazi ideas. Muslims who need a mosque should be able to build it anywhere. Racists who argue that Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow building churches obviously think that other countries should follow this example and also fail to see how Saudi Arabia is for Muslims like the Vatican for Catholics, in which surely no Muslim would like to build a mosque.

    “According to Islamic law…” is another myth. You can throw as many pig heads in there as you like, it doesn’t make a difference. They will decompose in a few weeks time anyway.

    • n_arov says:

      Islam apologist, please go.

      • Abu Bakar says:

        And that was what the Muslims of Afghanistan had been telling the Russians for years – Go Away. So now you, go away.

    • Wabbit says:

      In many islamic countries other religions than islamic are forbidden. Its forbidden to celebrate other believes celebration days.

      Many of this countries we go for a holliday! And worst, there citizens are coming to our countries to…. Build mosks. Gee… Why would they do this?

      Islam isof the devil. And anyone, not islamic, who does business with them, who go on a hollyday to their countries, sends food, or any help is a traitor of the nonmuslim world.

  2. Shankar says:

    There are crackpots and fanatics in all religions. This is the only religion where majority belongs to that group ! They are in all continents except Antartica. They condemn idol worship. See what hey are doing in Mecca for haj ?

    • aLI says:

      Really? Have you ever read the Bhagvad geeta or ay of your purans? I can give you examples of human sacrifices being offered in the name of “Shakti” = Kali and “Kal bhairav” = Shiv and what about the aghoris who eat feces and are known cannibals or what about the child sacrifices to Maa Bhavani or shera wali as you call her? calling us crack pot will neither put a curtain on your “religion” nor absolve of the hindu peoples crimes against humanity. As far as Hajj is concerned we don’t worship stones or idols nor are their any idols in Mecca. If the middle east is so bad then what are so many Hindus doing there? Why not go back to “Damakta Bharat”?

  3. Richy says:

    Pigs aren’t evil. They are unclean. So also says the Torah and the Bible. These so-called Christians should try to open their book sometimes.

  4. misha says:

    Backwards Russian hatemongers taking inspiration from the Middle Ages. What else is new? And isn’t that what the Taliban does?

  5. Danny says:

    This is completely out of line but… does anyone know of this song?

  6. Abu Bakar says:

    There is nothing in Islam which says the pig is evil and that it profanes any place that it is buried in. Where do you get that info ? The pig is only unclean and not to be consumed.

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