2 Growing Sea Cucumbers

Growing Sea Cucumbers

Posted on July 7, 2013 by team

A new farm where sea cucumbers are grown has been opened in Slavyanka, Russian Far East. The total square of the farm is 518m2, it consists of six shops. Currently there are only twenty four workplaces at the farm, but it’s only the beginning.

The lab of the farm where they have microscopes and other necessary equipment.

On the first floor are twenty two-tonned baths for larvae and growing sea cucumbers and a spawning shop with baths as well but of smaller size and with fine nets.

It’s where larvae appear (a month after spawning). They are carried on the nets to the big baths where they grow for two-three months more until they leave the territory of the farm.

Many students practice at the farm.

They plan to buy some more big baths soon.

Measuring temperature of the water with larvae.

In the fodder microalgae cultivation shop.

The worker demostrates an adult sea cucumber which is used for breeding.

Location: Slavyanka

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  1. RB says:

    no one mention’s what these are for?

  2. Jean says:

    I want to work there also.

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