3 Most Expensive Soviet Photos

Most Expensive Soviet Photos

Posted on July 6, 2013 by team

Interesting art photographies were sold recently at Sotheby’s in London. There was a presented a collection of 155 pictures of “forbidden” Soviet photographers who tried to show everyday life in the USSR honestly, the way it really was. Thirty four lots were sold in total, their general cost amounted to 313250 pounds sterling.

Inside this post you can see the photos taken in the period from 1959 to 2004, they give us a chance to look at the Soviet epoch the way it was seen by those photographers who were working out of view of the Soviet government.

Antanas Sutkus, 1965, official trip of a writer Jean-Paul Sartre to the USSR, sold for 7250 pounds sterling.

Three works of a Lithuanian photographer Vitas Lutskus were sold for 1500 pounds sterling.

Isi Trapido, “Speed”, 2250 pounds sterling.

Evgeniy Raskopov, “Silence”, 1500-2000 pounds sterling.

Moscow punk rock movement of the 80s on the photo of Igor Mukhin, his collection of pictures “Youth of a big city” was estimated at 6-8 thousand pounds sterling.

Two pictures of Antanas Sutkus were estimated at 6-8 thousand pounds sterling.

Evgeniy Mokhorev, “Azis”, 1996, the picture was sold in the lot with other works of the author for 5000 pounds sterling.

Two pictures of Aleksandras Macijauskas from the series “Vasara” were estimated at 2-3 thousand pounds sterling.

Aleksandras Macijauskas is one of the best Lithuanian photographers. He travelled to the remote villages of the country to shoot everyday life of their inhabitants. This one is called “At the market” and sold together with two other works of the author for 4000 pounds sterling.

Picture of Boris Mikhailov is unique because it is painted with aniline dyes. Sold for 20000 pounds sterling.

Pictures of Mickey, the circus chimpanzee, is learning to photograph on Red Square of Moscow.


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  1. Lith says:

    Nice to see Lithuanian works.

  2. Q says:

    exactly, Lithuanian.

  3. Jean says:

    Russian Art Deco. Prizewinning Pictures.

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