3 Soviet Attack Plane Il 102

Soviet Attack Plane Il 102

Posted on July 1, 2013 by team

Il-102 was presented by the development design office of Ilyushin in summer 1991, it pretty much resembled Il-40 serially produced since the 1950s. But it had another shape of fuselage nose, better surveillance, more powerful engines and weapons.

As opposed to Su-25, Il-102 has the second cockpit for a gunner. Probably this circumstance played the most negative role in the aircraft’s destiny. The design of Il-102 was the same as of Il-40, but it was an absolutely new vehicle in a retro style. There was thirty years between Il-102 and Il-40, for all those years aircraft building had changed considerably. There appeared new turbojet engines, construction materials, technologies. Equipment had changed even more – aircrafts became lighter, they started to fulfill more complicated tasks. Means of crew rescue became much better as well.

The construction of the main landing gear also changed, it could retract into the cowling to leave more space for weapons. Takeoff weight of the vehicle rose to 22 000 kg, its payload – to 7200 kg.

Crew cab was armored, engines and fuel supply system were armoured partially. Fuel tanks were deprived of armour but were placed in the central part of the fuselage where they were more safe. In its rear part the aircraft had a cannon mounting.

Il-102, as well as Il-40, had a mobile offensive cannon armament – a 30 mm gun could be fixed in two positions. Construction of the vehicle was finished early in 1982. Flight tests were conducted in the most “partisan” places – in Belarus. The first flight was performed in September 25, 1982.

In 1982-1984 there were conducted 250 flights in total and all of them were successful. The attack plane showed a high maneuverability, the best turning radius was equal to 400 m only.


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3 Responses to “Soviet Attack Plane Il 102”

  1. Ilyushin Letchik says:

    Il-40 serial produced since the 1950’s???? They made 5…I would hardly call that serial production!

    ER, you REALLY need commentators that know aviation, since I am ALWAYS finding big problems with the aviation reports!

  2. alessio says:

    very rugged up plane, i guess it was like an A10 of the usaaf
    great for ground targets and was bult to withstand heavy damage.
    had even a tail gun to defend itself from more swift enemy fighters, but itself was no propper fighter but a ground attack plane in my opinion.
    ofcourse the su 25 is top but this one can do tasks the su 25 has more difficulties with sutch as withstanding hits

  3. Chai` says:

    Ummm… Really?

    It’s a Sturmovik! Built for another time, another war.

    Doomed on a modern battlefield where a single man can carry a Stinger.

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