1 Good Citizen

Good Citizen

This world still has kind and good people, who
are not indifferent to problems of others.

2 Completely Stuck

Completely Stuck

An unusual accident happened in Tambov,
Russia. Indeed it's not what we see every day.
3 Sketches of One Russian City

Sketches of One Russian City

Just some photos from Nizhny Novgorod, the city which developing more and more
resembles Moscow and becomes less and less authentic like many other cities of Russia.
10 Great Power of One Museum Exposition

Great Power of One Museum Exposition

Some pictures from the Museum of the Military Equipment "Battle Honour of Ural", the exposition of aviation. This place can be highly recommended to be visited. It has hundreds of exhibits, many of them are truly unique. If all this equipment is activated ot
once, its power will be superior than power of many armies of Central and Western Europe. But today we are going to pay our attention only to military aircrafts exhibited here because the museum is too big to see everything at once.
0 Words Written By Soldiers

Words Written By Soldiers

Soldiers are quite inventive when entertainments are concerned. Such small
flashmobs are rather popular in Russia. What words do soldiers form for fun?
0 Casual Fight For Gay Rights

Casual Fight For Gay Rights

In fact the guys who are obviously losing in this battle will be
made fun of by the whole city for a long long period of time...
3 Trip to Chechnya

Trip to Chechnya

One blogger went to contemporary Grozny, the capital of Chechen Republic, a part of Russia close to the Caucasian mountains and took some photos how a rebuilt
after two wars city looks today. We posted something similar not long ago, but it is always nice to know how places are changed for the better.

7 Product 476

Product 476

Heavy military and transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A is a deeply modernized version of a well-proven Il-76MD. It is
intended for international transportation of military forces, heavy equipment, loads and airlift delivery.

3 Exposition of the Robotized Equipment In Chernobyl

Exposition of the Robotized Equipment In Chernobyl

Sometimes those who go to Chernobyl today do not even want to come back - comparatively good roads,  everything is neat and clean, beautiful nature, a lot of fish in the river, pure air, no people around - an ideal place to rest at! There is an open air museum in Chernobyl where one can see robotized equipment that was tried to be used right after the explosion of the reactor. Why tried? Because it did not
live up to expectations, it turned out to be impossible to do everything there without people. So they had to send soldiers to the reactor who worked there for fourty seconds. One ran inside, broke something with a crow and ran out, another one ran inside, took debris out with a shovel and so on... Nonetheless these and other robots did a lot of work and saved many lives.
0 Fluffy Thieves

Fluffy Thieves

One man came to the base to sell meat and fish procured in summer. The smell of food attracted bears which started to taste
what was brought. But the seller was not a coward at all, being unarmed he stated driving the thieves away with screams.

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