2 Su 35 Nicknamed Show Stopper

Su 35 Nicknamed Show Stopper

What did they mean when called the Su-35 during the Paris Air Show 2013 "the show stopper"? Yes, when it performed all the bustle on the ground just stopped. Everyone was staring in the air! People
just could not take their breath, so incredible it was! The display was followed by the standing ovation, even the master of the local sky - Dassult Rafale did not make such a furore.

1 Dazzled By Birds

Dazzled By Birds

Have you seen the movie of Alfred Hitchcock "The
Birds"? It could be brilliantly shot in Batumi, Georgia!
2 The Slavic Holiday of Kupalo

The Slavic Holiday of Kupalo

A few pictures of celebration of summer solstice days in the Kaluga
region of Russia. It's where one feels like being in the past.
2 Another Side of Chechnya

Another Side of Chechnya

REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov Which words come to mind when Chechnya is mentioned? Fear, ruins, terrorism, explosions, Wahhabi, mountains... And it is still the place where people are kidnapped,
where the whole villages are razed to the ground. However someone will tell you that you won't find a more safe city, all you need to do is to behave in a right way.
1 Abandoned Childrens Camp

Abandoned Childrens Camp

A lof of pictures of an abandoned children's camp which belonged to "ZiL" company making trucks and cars. This place is
rather interesting and open for any visitor, so we also take a chance to come there and wander in its rooms.

6 Faces of the Soviet Epoch

Faces of the Soviet Epoch

Random pictures of people and their life can often say more than any words
themselves. Here's another nice collection of the Soviet pictures for your attention.
7 Waste Disposal In Pictures

Waste Disposal In Pictures

We are in Vladivostok, Russia, to see how the city manages with solid waste
disposal. The complex we are going to visit started to work two years ago.

2 Close Up Photos of Tank Is 3

Close Up Photos of Tank Is 3

A number of close up pictures of the Soviet heavy tank of WWII - Is-3 It was put into
serial production in the last days of the war and managed to take part in it.
2 Just A Musical Show

Just A Musical Show

Such shows are lately shown on Russian TV, most of the
spectators are Russian elite - famous actors, singers etc.
0 Zoo Pranksters

Zoo Pranksters

Being in a zoo it's you who usually feels like a master of the situation and
never expect any pranks from animals... However sometimes you should.

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