7 Iron Birds Are In the Sky Again

Iron Birds Are In the Sky Again

We are at the Kubinka airfield, the Moscow region, to see the training flights of beautiful
aircrafts before the show devoted to the 75th anniversary of the Kubinka Aircraft Display Center.
0 Gasolene Tanker Explosion And Aftermath

Gasolene Tanker Explosion And Aftermath

Just yesterday a gasolene tanker exploded right in the centre of Almaty: ten cars burnt, the fire spreaded over trees and a multistorey house. Many
people thought that it was an act of a war when heard the explosion... Some pictures of the accident are presented inside the post.
5 How Flight Attendants Are Trained

How Flight Attendants Are Trained

What do we actually pay for when we buy an air ticket? Not only for a flight, but for the skills and
knowledge of flight attendants and pilots as well! Let us see where the flight attendants are trained. 
6 Examining Two Soviet Tanks

Examining Two Soviet Tanks

Some pictures of the Soviet tanks Su and Isu at the places of their
last stands. The first one is closed, the second is opened.
3 Five Star Hotel Left Unfinished

Five Star Hotel Left Unfinished

The hotel "Northern Crown" started to be built in 1988 by a Yugoslavian company in St. Petersburg. They wanted to make a five star hotel with 247 rooms with the total area of 50
000 square meters but the construction works stopped in 1995 when the object was finished for 90%. They are going to demolish it, but it still stands at its place.
2 Portraits of Eskimos 1879

Portraits of Eskimos 1879

Unique portraits of Eskimos
and Chukchi dated 1879.

3 One Flight of Cessna 525

One Flight of Cessna 525

Cessna 525 is a one pilot aircraft, but to make a flight more safe two
pilots may fly. It's a detailed photo story of one Cessna 525 flight.

1 Moscow of the 70s

Moscow of the 70s

Another selection of black and white
photographs of old Russian capital.

5 Two Ways of Revenge

Two Ways of Revenge

In Ryazan you are not
forgiven for bad parking!
3 Morning In Domodedovo Airport

Morning In Domodedovo Airport

Some photographers were invited to Domodedovo airport where they could take
rather beautiful pictures at dawn. These are the works of one of them.

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