0 Cathedral Square In the Moscow Kremlin

Cathedral Square In the Moscow Kremlin

Just some pictures of the Cathedral Square in the Moscow Kremlin. In the fifteenth century all city streets used to converge in it. Cathedral
Square is famous as the site of solemn coronation and funeral processions of all the Russian tsars, patriarchs, and Grand Dukes of Moscow.
1 Life In a Monastery: How Is It Like?

Life In a Monastery: How Is It Like?

What can be more extreme than an attempt to live as a real monk in a real monastery, to follow all its rules? Right now you are going to see the photo report
of one Russian blogger who decided to do this and went to Russkiy Island of the Russian Far East where St. Seraphim of Sarov monastery is located.
4 So Many Ukrainian Brides

So Many Ukrainian Brides

The traditional Brides Day took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine. You
are about to see many pictures of this event right here.
1 Patriotic Russian Police

Patriotic Russian Police

It's the video of Russian police singing a national anthem, looks like it
was not meant to be leaked, but became pretty much viral in Russia lately.

2 Back To Early 90s

Back To Early 90s

Here is a collection of photos of a Far Eastern city of Russia called
Vladivostok taken in early 90s. They wonderfully convey the spirit of that time.
5 Stranger In Russia

Stranger In Russia

Carter was named so after Jimmy Carter, the president who ruled the country when Carter was born. He and his Russian wife has two sons - Bill and George, also named after American presidents. The couple always
compromise, Masha agreed to give American names to her children, Carter tries to drink less for her. By the way Carter is from Ethiopia. Some pictures of the stranger's life on the Russian land.
1 The Man Who Feels No Fear

The Man Who Feels No Fear

Saveliy liked animals so much so that he opened his own zoo in the city of Mariupol, Ukraine.
It's where he feels like a king and fears absolutely nothing even next to wild beasts!
3 The Secret Base For Storage of Nuclear Warheads

The Secret Base For Storage of Nuclear Warheads

Krasnokamenka was a closed city of Ukraine where in the Soviet times there were built underground shops to collect nuclear warheads there to be subsequently transported to launch sites all over the central USSR and some Warsaw Treaty countries. For almost half a century this place was being surrounded with myths
and legends but when Ukraine became an independent state the city was opened and all warheads were taken away to Russia. Today there is a strictly guarded base of the elite regiment "Tiger" of the Ukrainian police on its territory. Most of the tunnels were re-equipped for munition storage.

3 Is This Tractor Real?

Is This Tractor Real?

Yes, it's not a real tractor, but just a
model made from cardboard. Don't you believe?
11 Circus In the City

Circus In the City

A tragical incident happened on the beach of Narva, Estonia. A circus elephant named Medi sank in
the presence of trainers. The animal was bathing in the pond when suddenly fell and submerged.

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