7 Underground Submarine Base of the Cold War

Underground Submarine Base of the Cold War

Posted on June 30, 2013 by team

In 1963 they finished Object 820 “Arsenal” – the underground repair base for storage, assembly and mounting of nuclear ammos on submarines.

The complex in relation to the highest peak of the mountain was 126 meters deep. It could withstand a direct hit of a nuclear charge with power up to 100 kilotons, that is 5-7 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Another storage area.

The object also has an underground isolated generating plant and unfinished adits of an unknown purpose.

Both object were supplied power from here.

There used to be huge diesel generators here.

Remnants of the smoke elimination system.

The place for fuel storage.

Here is an answer to the question how this large complex coud operate independantly for months – you can see the fuel level on the walls.


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  1. arazahra says:

    looks like a perfect location if they want to shoot metro 2033 film

  2. Stan says:

    You never know, it could yet come in handy, whether as a nuclear shelter or some other purpose.. minimal maintenance should be carried out as its such a shame that all the sheer hard work and resources it took to build it are just wasted.. MADNESS

  3. ausGeoff says:

    Can you please change back to a single page arrangement? Having only 6 pics per page makes for a lot of unnecessary clicking, and wastes time.
    Very annoying.

  4. trim says:

    Thanks for post

  5. jb3 says:

    I agree with ausGeoff — the single page layout was much better.

    Even more importantly, PLEASE remove the auto-playing video links to “Russian video of the day”! These are *extremely annoying* if I’m listening to my own music (and even if I’m NOT listening to my own music), and I will simply stop visiting if they continue, even though I love this site! :(

  6. RussianCanadian says:

    Adblock, NoScript, RequestPolicy browser ad-ons.

  7. Mummeli says:

    Hummm, how many times we need to see these same pics? The site hasnt changed abit in a few years, but every year we get the same pics, year after year. It gets boring after a year or two.

    So please, future visitors of the site – if there’s no change, dont bother sending the pics.

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